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Bombay Bloom

Patchwork Linen Kurta

Patchwork Linen Kurta

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Meticulous arrangement of patches, adds a touch of bohemian charm and individuality to this Patchwork Kurta. Each patch tells a story, creating a harmonious collage of patterns and textures.

Crafted from high-quality tencel linen, this kurta land feels comfortable against the skin. The breathability of linen ensures that you stay cool.

100% Biodegradable. Environment Conscious.

Model is wearing our size M.

Wash Care Instructions

Using normal to cold temperature water and mild detergent , Hand Wash Gently or use Mild Machine cycle

Do not soak in water for a long duration. Avoid overloading machines and overdosing laundry detergent. Avoid direct application of soap and brush on embroidery. Rub by hand if needed.

Let it dry naturally, preferably in a shade avoiding sunlight.

Gently steam or iron using low to medium heat. Avoid too much heat. For embroidered products, iron them from inside.

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