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Vegan Cupro Kurta Set with Cutwork Odhani

Vegan Cupro Kurta Set with Cutwork Odhani

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Luxurious & sustainable drape of Cupro Fabric meets the ethereal charm of cutwork, tonal embroidery, and delicate lace detailing on this kurta set.The intricately designed cutwork odhani frames the edges with a touch of femininity. It's the nuanced additions that elevates the overall aesthetic of the kurta set, making it a statement piece for those who appreciate both subtlety and sophistication.

Azo-Free Dyes. 100% Bio-Degradable. Environment Conscious.

Model is wearing our size M.

What is cupro?

Cupro is a material made from plant-based fibres to form a soft and silk-like fabric. It's vegan and cruelty-free.

The eco-friendly and ethical pros of cupro fabric

  • Vegan. No silkworms are frozen to death or boiled alive to make cupro fabric (yes, that really happens with traditional silk!)

  • Biodegradable. Unlike polyester and most synthetic fabrics, cupro clothes won’t stick around in landfills for centuries

  • It’s a byproduct of the cotton industry. From pesticides to high quantities of water, cotton production is really bad for the environment. However, no additional resources and energy are needed to grow its linter

  • It reduces waste by using all the linter that would otherwise be discarded

Recycled origins of the fabric  in this kurta set is a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and embracing eco-conscious fashion.


Wash Care Instructions

Using normal to cold temperature water and mild detergent , Hand Wash Gently or use Mild Machine cycle

Do not soak in water for a long duration. Avoid overloading machines and overdosing laundry detergent. Avoid direct application of soap and brush on embroidery. Rub by hand if needed.

Let it dry naturally, preferably in a shade avoiding sunlight.

Gently steam or iron using low to medium heat. Avoid too much heat. For embroidered products, iron them from inside.

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